Intensive Courses

I don't do fully Intensive Courses because:

Most people need time to absorb what they have learned. 2 hours of instruction per session is usually enough.  

You usually have to pay for these courses in advance, and the fee is non-refundable. If you don't continue for any reason, such as being ill, or being unhappy with the instructor, you will lose your money and any test fees you have paid.  

I offer a better alternative: Semi-intensive Courses. These are subject to assessment. You are only entered for your test if you have a good chance of passing. Also, none of your money is wasted on a course with me, because you pay for each lesson as you go.

Directgov Learners and new drivers and riders (Direct.gov).

All David Young's vehicles over the last 26 years have been serviced and maintained exclusively by Kevin Fairweather - my excellent mechanic.

DVLA (Driving Vehicle and Licencing Authority)

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